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5 Ways the IoT Is Changing Rural Life

  • Julie Bushell
  • 02/26/2020
4 min read

The future isn’t on its way to rural America—it’s already here. 

Connectivity, analytics, data-driven decisions, and sustainable practices are all made possible due to the power of The Internet of Things (IoT). Technology once found only in innovative cities has now made its way to rural life, where it’s growing and advancing more rapidly than ever—due to the fact that when it’s adopted, it solves real issues.

At Ethos Connected, we’re dedicated to changing how the world connects and bringing first-class solutions to people who need it most. Our rural communities may seem slow and quiet on the outside, but they’re tasked with feeding and nourishing an entire world—a feat requiring constant innovation. 

Not only are we leading that movement, we’re making it accessible to all. Here are 5 ways the IoT, and Ethos Connected, are changing rural life. 

1. Providing Smart Analytics

The IoT is a network of connected devices and sensors constantly sharing data with each other and optimizing the analytics collected. These sensors are now being attached to objects never before analyzed at this level; think Fitbits for cows and nutrient trackers for soil. 

Having access to this data allows producers to spot potential problems before they occur, keep tabs on the health of crops, machinery, and animals, and give consumers insight into how their food is raised and delivered. 

Instead of kicking the ground to see if it needs more water—with the click of a button and a few swipes, producers can view the exact nutrient profile of soil. No more guessing. No more crossing fingers and hoping they’re right. Now they know, 100%.

2. Enabling Data-Driven Decisions on the Farm

The smart analytics collected from the IoT enables farmers to make data-driven decisions impacting their crops, cattle, machinery, production, and practices. For instance, if a sensor alerts of a weed outbreak in a certain area, they can alter their water and chemical application to directly address the problem. 

Not only does this save time and unearth issues that may have been unseen before, it reduces input costs—allowing farmers to apply that money elsewhere.

True change requires education around a problem. Education requires awareness of the problem in the first place. These data-driven decisions continue to empower our nation’s producers to make changes impacting us all.  

3. Promoting Sustainable Practices

When people are empowered to make data-driven decisions, they become more aware of their ability to positively impact the environment and their opportunities to choose sustainable practices. 

Every living being depends on access to water in order to survive. But water isn’t a never-ending resource. Though getting rid of water use completely isn’t an option, we now have the tools to make informed, sustainable decisions. 

Prior to this level of connectivity and access to data, irrigation wasn’t always a black and white process. It was unclear exactly how much water crops and soil needed because there was no way to pinpoint it. Now, sensors can tell us, down to a science, how much water needs to be applied to optimize crop health and yield.

When empowered with data, rural areas can make informed decisions that solve real problems and in turn, create a massive global impact.

4. Connecting The Unconnected

If we look back at the 1930s, when electricity first reached rural America, we’re able to see the impact access to modern day technology had on those previously left behind. Their food lasted longer because they now had refrigerators. Their clothes were cleaner because they had washing machines. Their daily chores moved quicker because everything wasn’t hand-cranked. 

Simplicity and connection had found its way out of the city and into the countryside. Now, we’re doing it again. Only this time on a much larger scale. 

We’re reaching at-need areas and providing analytics and connectivity that allows communities to thrive. We’re taking education out of the classroom and into the real world. We’re putting power back in the hands of farmers. We’re enhancing communication, safety, and security. The IoT and Ethos Connected’s LoRaWAN network are connecting the unconnected like never before.

5. Putting Power Back Where It Belongs

Connectivity can solve a lot of problems—but solutions are only powerful when created by those who truly understand the problem. We recognize that not all rural areas experience the same issues, which is why we’re putting the power back where it belongs—in the hands of those who live there.

We know that to make a lasting impact, we need to listen, and we need to tailor how connectivity is delivered from state to state and farm to farm. Which is why we build custom solutions to meet the specific, individual goals of our partners. 

We’re changing the way the world connects—but we’re doing it with your help. The power is right where it belongs: in your hands. 

The future is here, and we want you—and everyone else—to join us in harnessing its power. Rural America is leading the way. Are you in?

  • 02/26/2020