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Accessing Integrative Data Monitoring Tools With LoRaWAN®

  • Ethos Connected
  • 03/15/2023
4 min read

Tractor plowing field in AmericaProducers are increasingly driven to improve operations. From reducing environmental impact to addressing resource security in an increasing global population, the need to evolve toward innovative farming practices has never been greater. This is why producers need something to aid in the progression of those farming practices, such as data monitoring tools.

According to IDAP, only 15% of producers use innovative farming technologies today. However, the shift towards emerging technologies is quickly ramping up. One reason smart farming is taking off is due to the need for farmers to reduce their energy usage. Precision agriculture uses data from multiple sources to help inform crop decisions, increase production, reduce labor time, and increase the cost-effectiveness of field management strategies.

When employing precision ag practices, producers determine farm input needs (including nutrient and pesticide application, tillage, and irrigation) throughout a particular field. This approach cuts production costs, saves energy, and improves water quality by reducing nutrient runoff. Other benefits include:

  • Improved crop yield
  • Labor savings through decreased tool overlapping
  • More accurate and detailed farming records

Better use of land and resources promotes better yields, increasing an operation’s profitability while helping to feed a growing America. Remote field monitoring gives farmers a clearer view of their soil, climate, and plant health conditions, empowering them to adjust water use, address pest concerns, and more. 

More broadly, smart farming provides the historical data necessary for farmers to make long-term decisions for their businesses. From seed selection to equipment needs, the information collected by data monitoring tools plays a significant role in a farm's long-term profitability and environmental impact.

The Elements of a Smart Farming System

In its simplest form, smart farming implements information technology across fields and pens or pastures to manage an operation more efficiently. The ability to collect real-time data and closely monitor various aspects of a farm allows producers to make more informed decisions, saving time and resources while also improving crop yields and livestock health.

The technology used includes software, sensors embedded with LoRa technology, and robotics. A LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless protocol that connects every device and technology across the farm, giving producers access to real-time data monitoring tools. These solutions provide valuable insights and allow providers to make remote adjustments in real-time.

LoRaWAN Connects Farms & Empowers Producers

Data monitoring tools are incredibly useful, specifically for those who work in agriculture. These tools that are essential to smart farming and precision agriculture depend on LoRaWAN-based systems to collect and centralize data for producers to then utilize the information.

  • Collecting Data from Various Touch Points: Various sensors strategically located across fields capture data on specific elements of the farm, including soil conditions, humidity, crop health, and irrigation systems, among others.
  • Centralizing the Data: Every piece of information is sent to a centralized hub that bridges the gap between the devices and the end-user. As data is compiled, it’s sent to a cloud-based server where it’s analyzed by applications designed specifically for the ag industry.
  • Making the Data Usable: As data is collected and analyzed, the farmer can access insights using their cell phone or another device. This allows them to see, in real-time, what is happening in a specific field.

Data Monitoring Tools in Evolving Farm Operations

The data collected and shared with producers provides greater insight into every field today and offers historical information to support future decisions across many areas of an operation. 

When connected via LoRaWAN, farmers can be alerted of possible issues regardless of where they are. Not only can this technology identify a possible pest outbreak, but it can also give them the opportunity to treat a specific area immediately. The producer can address issues sooner and remotely, which saves time and expenses and reduces environmental impact.

Another important example of the value of LoRaWAN and data monitoring tools can be seen in irrigation. Having real-time data regarding rain levels and moisture content — specific to different areas of a field — allows farmers to adjust their irrigation systems accordingly. This will enable them to conserve water whenever possible and improve the health of their crops.

Ultimately, the ability to monitor crops regardless of the number of acres farmed allows producers to lower input costs from conserving resources, and reducing environmental impact to automating processes and increasing yields. LoRaWAN provides the connectivity that allows for more precise, more profitable farming practices.


More producers now are integrating the benefits of precision agriculture and smart farming having realized the benefits, but these practices rely on rural broadband. LoRaWAN is often the best option as it brings cost-effective connectivity, real-time data, and valuable insights to all users. Ethos Connected understands its value and has grown to own, design, deploy, and operate the most extensive public, carrier-grade LoRaWAN in North America. Helping businesses and local communities connect affordably and reliably empowers them to identify efficiencies, maximize sustainability, and utilize the benefits created through connectivity.

As Ethos Connected (formerly Paige Wireless) continues to expand, these benefits will quickly multiply, bringing mission-critical broadband to even more producers nationwide while giving the industry unprecedented access to transformational technologies that improve sustainability, operational efficiency, autonomy, and increased profits.

Are you interested in learning more about how LoRa-based solutions revolutionize smart agriculture and provide access to data monitoring tools? Gain additional insights by visiting and engaging on social media at @EthosConnected.

  • 03/15/2023