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Julie Bushell appointed by FCC to lead Precision Agriculture Working Group

  • Ethos Connected
  • 02/17/2022
2 min read

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel recently appointed IA Board Member Julie Bushell to the Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in the United States. The Task Force was established as part of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, which is also known as the 2018 Farm Bill. This is Bushell’s second term as a member of the Task Force Working Group focused on Encouraging Adoption of Precision Agriculture and Availability of High-Quality Jobs on Connected Farms and this is her first term leading the Working Group.

As chair, Bushell represents the Irrigation Association, whose mission is to promote the use of efficient irrigation. In addition to her role at the Irrigation Association, Bushell is the Founder of Ethos Connected. The combination of these roles gives her both the expertise as well as the acumen to lead the Working Group. Bushell is known for her innovative thinking, looking at the mission-critical needs of America’s Heartland and helping support them through industry standards and policies.

The Working Group is charged with identifying the top priorities impacting the adoption of precision agriculture and the creation or availability of high-quality jobs on highly connected farms. Bushell has a key role in impacting how not only the proceedings of the Working Group but also how the efforts translate into the creation of effective policy and regulatory solutions.

“I’m dedicated to bringing Working Group members, policy leaders, industry specialists, farmers, and other business leaders together to help educate and encourage policy changes for the future of our country,” said Julie Bushell. “I am proud of the progress we made during our first term and look forward to building on the foundation set by our incredible group.”

Those interested in the activities of the Task Force can learn more at the FCC Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force website

  • 02/17/2022