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Using Smarter Tech for a Better World

  • Julie Bushell
  • 03/01/2020
2 min read

The Ethos Connected network aims to reignite rural America’s status as an epicenter for new, practical technologies that help industries, farmers, businesses, students and communities thrive. Nebraska’s new LoRaWAN® network from Ethos Connected allows users to deploy low-cost sensors, access real time data, and make on-demand decisions to improve efficiency, safety, security, actionability, and the bottom line. The benefits for rural and farmland applications once considered unimaginable are now innumerable.

The benefits are equally profound for cities. Ethos Connected is revolutionizing the City of the Future with IoT technology. Between autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and offices, pre-emptive leak detection and efficient water management, Ethos Connected is helping create resilient, healthier and safer cities. Ethos Connected has the technical expertise to develop cutting-edge market solutions. With the deployment of their public LoRaWAN® network across the State of Nebraska, Ethos Connected is executing on their promise to change the way the world connects. 

“The initiative of Smart State Nebraska is something that grew from the ground up to support growers and farmers.”

– Julie Bushell, Founder, Ethos Connected

  • 03/01/2020