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Who is Ethos Connected?

  • Julie Bushell
  • 07/31/2019
2 min read

Ethos Connected is changing the way the world connects. Exciting stuff but what does that actually mean? Our wireless connectivity is revolutionizing industry by reaching the most under-served corners of the country, providing data-driven insights from the most crucial industry verticals. This data was deemed too difficult to collect yet is the most valued and necessary for society to continue to move forward. Our technology allows the industries and communities that we serve to transform in ways that were not possible before.

For too long, some of the most integral industries in society, namely agriculture,  have been forced to repurpose various technologies available to the general public. Technology helps but repurposing isn’t how businesses accelerate their growth. Instead of repositioning currently available technology, Ethos Connected brings solutions specifically for the issues our customers face.

We operate with an intentional effort to reduce input costs, increase yields, maximize sustainability, operate efficiently and ultimately, change the way the world connects.

It’s easy to think that cutting-edge technology is born in hipster coffee shops. Our wireless solutions are tangible proof that technological revolutions can begin in a country’s heartland. 

Our network reinforces America’s backbone.

Ethos operates in 30 different industries and all seven continents. This makes our competitive advantage straightforward. We are hyper-specialized in the industries that we have been serving for over 60 years. We understand these industries inside and out. That is why, as a new technological arm, we are bringing solutions to real industry challenges and enabling our customers to expand in ways never thought possible. 

Creating the sustainable and connected industries of the future and allowing the world to realize opportunities that were simply not possible before. At Ethos Connected, we power the industries that we serve (wirelessly, of course). 

To learn more, reach out to us below. 

  • 07/31/2019